Insurance for stock market investors

80% of investors lose money on the stock market. Insure your investment and lower the risk.

Insuure - a revolution in investment and insurance

Insuure’s unique in-house built AI algorithm offers unique opportunity for traders and investors. We scan performance of companies, indexes, industries and news sentiment to determine risk scores and to offer great insurance for any size of investment in the stock market.

You can select the size of position to be insured, see how your portfolio is insured in real-time, and change the insurance at any time.

Become a Smarter Investor

Investing in the stock market is risky.  With Insuure, you can insure your investments with a few clicks. If you can insure a car, you should be able to insure your stock market investments as well.

Simple and Transparent

We don’t like surprises. Before you buy a stock, we will show you the cost and size of the insurance so you can make your informed decision.

We will also offer a subscription based model for your portfolio so you can protect your investments without any disruption.

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